Making of small, medium and large steel constructions

Our offer includes the building of steel structures: small, medium and large. We can make halls consisting of one or several aisles of various heights and width. All the structures are prepared according to the project of an investor.
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We implement projects in such main industries like: construction, railroading, pressure equipment, machine and automotive.
We work in accordance with our In-Company Production Check-up System based on the grounds of EN 1090-1 standard for the construction class of EXC 4 in the scope of the process of welding.
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Metal cutting

Our offer of metal cutting consist of laser, propane-oxygen and plasma cutting. We also use a guillotine shear. Our modern machinery allow us to laser cut different types of materials of up to 25 mm thickness. We are able to cut varied, even very complex, shapes simultaneously with edge processing.
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Metal sheet folding

We provide the service of metal sheet folding of various thickness with the use of CNC folding presses. There is a possibility to make 100% repeatable shapes.
We guarantee maximum use of raw materials and minimum amount of waste.
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Hot dip galvanizing of metal structural elements

A range of products you can have hot dip galvanized by our company is various – starting from steel building constructions, through different types of tanks, fences, gates to elements of road or city infrastructure.
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Machinery parts manufacturing

We also deal with the production of different types of machinery parts, always according to your specifications. Thanks to this service, you have the opportunity to fix or at least revitalise the parts.
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CNC machining of large-size elements (large-size CNC)

The scope of our operation also includes machining of large-size elements conducted with the used of numerically-controlled machinery, which allows for providing the best quality services.
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We paint in a spray booth with the diameters of 14m x 5m x 5m.
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Own transport

We have our own car fleet, which allows us to deliver produced elements to the address specified by a customer (in the territory of Europe). We can transport not only small elements, but big structures the delivery of whose would be really challenging.
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