Zinc house DOMINO

Zinc house DominoARF Sp.zo.o, `s subsidiary provides the following services:

  • Hot dip galvanizing

The zinc house works in a closed circuit and is equipped with a tube with the diameters of 5 x 1.4 x 2.6 m (which stands for length, width and depth).

Technigalva zinc used by Domino improves the castability of the liquid zinc resulting in:

  • Anti-corrosion protection
  • Homogenous and even layer
  • Better adhesiveness
  • Impact resistance
  • The layer is not brittle
  • Grater gloss of zinc

Hot dip galvanizing price list

Hot dip galvanizing price PLN 3,00 -8,00/kg

Hot dip galvanizing of special constructions by prior arrangement from PLN 5/kg

A price is calculated on the basis of an order placed.


Blasting PLN 2,00-5,00/kg by prior agreement

Hot dip galvanizing (zinc house, hot dip galvanizing plant) of metal structural elements

A range of products you can have hot dip galvanized by our company is various – starting from steel building constructions, through different types of tanks, fences, gates to elements of road or city infrastructure. A zinc layer is extremely resistant to atmospheric conditions, corrosion and abrasion.